Tuition Assistance Program (TAC)

Making a Jewish Education Accessible

We greatly value the privacy of each family’s personal and financial information. The application and supporting documentation are held in strict confidence by our finance office.

How It Works

Our Community
As a community Jewish day school, we attract families from across the Jewish spectrum and are proud of our geographic, socioeconomic and cultural diversity. At VTT, we endeavour to make Jewish education accessible to all our families. For those families requiring more assistance than is available through AP (Affordability Program), our TAC program provides larger assistance awards for families that qualify. Each application submitted through FAST receives individual consideration and, while no guarantees are made, every effort is expended to understand the specific needs and circumstances of each family’s application. The TAC fund is in large part possible due to the generous support from individual donors and community organizations.

VTT relies on donations and community funds to support our TAC program. As financial sustainability is one of our core pillars, we rely on our families to make reasonable lifestyle sacrifices to ensure we can support as many families as possible while being accountable to our funders.

Tuition Assistance (TAC)


For information about Tuition Assistance, please contact:


What's the difference between TAC & AP?
TAC is intended to provide financial assistance to families requiring support for more than 30% of total tuition costs, as determined based on a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of a family’s financial situation. This assessment is conducted using FAST, a software suite designed for fairness and accountability by a company called Independent Schools Management and used by schools across North America.

AP is intended to respond to the growing needs of a broader set of families who are also struggling with the costs of tuition, particularly in the face of Vancouver’s high cost of living. This program, providing discounts of up to 30%, typically requires modest financial disclosure to verify income, with awards capped at prescribed levels.

(Please note that AP will only be offered from Senior Kindergarten onwards as is the case with TAC.)
Do I need to apply every year?
Yes, financial situations and circumstances change every year.
Will I receive the same assistance every year?
VTT cannot guarantee the same annual award. Many factors affect tuition support, including a family’s income, budget, need, cost of living, and updated policies. Given there are limited funds, families are encouraged to submit the application AND supporting documents by the deadline as we cannot guarantee awards for late applicants.
Can I appeal an award?
One appeal is allowed for families who have new information after submitting their tuition assistance application (e.g. job loss).
What else are you doing to enhance affordability and strengthen VTT's financial sustainability?
While ensuring fair and equitable distribution of TAC funds is a top priority, we are also working hard to enhance our fundraising capabilities and are actively soliciting donations to help support our affordability initiatives.
What happens if I don’t qualify for TAC or AP or if I need more funds that I am allotted?
The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Vancouver is a valuable resource available to families. Individuals who qualify can borrow up to $7K with an interest-free repayment plan of only $25 monthly for every $1K borrowed until the loan is repaid. Visit for more information.
Who can I talk to for more information on TAC or AP?
For information about Tuition Assistance or AP, please contact Michelle Mah in our finance office at [email protected].