Mission, Vision, Values


Vancouver Talmud Torah is an inclusive Jewish community day school committed to academic excellence and nurturing lifelong learners who engage the world through Jewish traditions and values.



Vancouver Talmud Torah is committed to academic excellence, community, inclusivity, Jewish peoplehood, Israel, and social responsibility.


We teach independent and collaborative learning, core skills, critical thinking, and creative thought. We set high standards for our learners and educators that permeate the general, Judaic, arts, and athletics curricula. Limmud means that we set rigorous expectations and have the ability to meet individual needs, as exemplified through the study of Torah.


We build a strong community of learners, families, educators, and staff. Children actively engage in an educational atmosphere conducive to their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Teachers and families work together for the benefit of students. K’ehillah kedoshah means that every member of the VTT family is valued.


We value every learner, and recognize that their diverse learning styles, religious observance, family composition, and economic background, are an asset to our school community. Kavod means that everyone at VTT, regardless of their origin, is deserving of honour and respect.


We foster a connection between our school community and Jews around the world. K’lal Yisrael means celebrating varied experiences, rituals, and traditions of the Jewish people.


We create formative experiences for learners to connect to the Jewish State, as we encourage thoughtful engagement and foster a deep love for Israel, the Hebrew language, and our Jewish heritage. Ahavat Yisrael means that each of us is responsible for forging a meaningful relationship with Israel.


We engage in social justice by learning about community needs, studying them through a Jewish lens, and addressing them through concrete action. Tikkun olam means that the school community, and each person in it, embodies social responsibility through the ethical teachings of our tradition.