Building a Positive School Climate


Caring for Self | Caring for Others | Caring for Our School

As an inclusive Jewish community day school, we are committed to academic excellence and nurturing lifelong learners who engage the world through Jewish traditions and values. We prize those Jewish values that ensure we all conduct ourselves in a kind, compassionate, respectful and safe manner. This commitment extends to EVERYONE in our school community, be they faculty, staff, students, parents, grandparents, alumni, donors and our many stakeholders.

In Judaism, we learn of the absolute value of the individual yet are tasked to care for our community. To that end, we teach our students that they have both rights and responsibilities.

These values extend to all members of the VTT community and we expect the same desire for respectful behaviour, language and attitudes from all our stakeholders.

Students have the RIGHT to:

All VTT students can expect the following

Students have a RESPONSIBILITY to:

VTT expects the following from its students

All VTT Stakeholders have a RIGHT to:

A community-wide commitment

VTT faculty, staff and administrators have a RESPONSIBILITY to:

Our obligation to our community

Additionally, all stakeholders have a RESPONSIBILITY to: