Continuous Enrollment

Announcing Continuous Enrollment: The "One and Done" Model


A "One & Done" method to re-enroll

From 2023 onwards, you will never have to think about re-enrollment again.

Here are the highlights:
One & Done! VTT offer continuous enrollment

We value the partnership we have with our families and we also value your time. As a result, we have looked for ways to streamline our process and improve our parents’ enrollment experience. As such, we are excited to announce that we are transitioning to a continuous enrollment model to simplify the task of annual re-enrollment. Simply put, you will complete the process this year and you will never have to think about re-enrollment again.

Should you have any further questions about our continuous enrollment process or tuition assistance, please contact Michelle Mah for finance-related questions and Tammy Kalvari for enrollment-related questions.

We hope continuous enrollment will result in saved time and reduced paperwork for our families.

You can read VTT's continuous enrollment announcement for 2023-24 HERE

Financial Terms

Withdrawal Form

Not Returning to VTT?


For information about VTT's Continuous Enrollment, please contact:


What does continuous enrollment mean?
It means that when you enroll this year, you are enrolling your child until their graduation from VTT. It’s the “One and Done” model of enrollment. This will be the last year you will have to go through all the documentation. Your child’s enrollment will automatically transfer to each subsequent year.
What if my child is not returning to VTT?
Every family will be notified annually of the enrollment anniversary date. This is when you will have the opportunity to withdraw from the automatic re-enrollment for your child(ren) by submitting a Withdrawal Form (available from our website) to the admissions office by the continuous enrollment anniversary date.
What is the continuous enrollment anniversary?
In the Continuous Enrollment system, VTT will celebrate its Continuous Enrollment Anniversary, for all current students advancing to Junior Kindergarten to Grade 7, on the second Friday in December, unless communicated otherwise. Parents will receive reminders prior to the anniversary date, asking families who are considering leaving our school to notify us prior to the anniversary date. Those who are withdrawing their children will submit an Opt-Out form through our parent portal; all other parents will have the convenience of ignoring this message!
What is the penalty if I do not withdraw by the Continuous Enrollment Anniversary Date?
The annual commitment deposit, which will be charged to your bank account or credit card on or after the Monday after the annual anniversary date, is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Can I enroll for one year at a time?
No. By re-enrolling this year, you are agreeing to participate in the VTT Continuous Enrollment contract. However, you will have the opportunity to stop your enrollment for the subsequent year as long as you remain within the allotted timelines.
Do I still have to pay a deposit each school year?
Yes, if you do not withdraw from the continuous enrollment contract within the stated deadlines (by the second Friday in December from 2023-24 onwards), the annual commitment deposit will be automatically withdrawn from your account or charged to your credit card after the second Friday in December.
How does this work for families in receipt of tuition assistance?
Continuous enrollment applies to all our families. Annual commitment deposits will continue to be adjusted by our finance office for TAC families.
How will I know what the tuition fees and other levies are from year-to-year?
For the 2023-24 school year and onwards, as stated in the continuous enrollment contract, VTT is obligated to communicate the annual Tuition Fees and Other Levies to all families two weeks prior to the withdrawal deadline, which is the second Friday of December each year.
What if I have other children I wish to enroll at VTT?
For every student new to VTT, a continuous enrollment contract is required and the family will need to complete the admission process.
What is the advantage of adopting a continuous enrollment model?
Continuous enrollment saves time for our parents, offers simplicity and peace of mind ensuring guaranteed placement of your child(ren) and enhanced planning for the next school year.