Israel Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math


Fostering curiosity, critical thinking and a growth mindset

VTT’s iSTEAM program focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics using innovations from Israel as a platform to prepare students for a rapidly changing world, and ensuring they have a rich understanding of contemporary Israel. VTT’s iSTEAM program offers a special focus on developing independent learners, critical thinkers, collaborators, innovators and contributors. In this interdisciplinary program, students learn through inquiry and hands-on, project-based learning all connected to Israel.

Read this article featuring VTT's iSTEAM program: Israel Integration Into Steam: A Case Study in Innovation, which highlights VTT's partnership with master educator, Tal David, from the Center for Israel Education.



Hands-on learning about our responsibility to be shomrei adamah

VTT is proud of its partnership with Stable Harvest Farms, spearheaded by community philanthropist Syd Belzberg. In 2020-21, grade one students were allocated a plot of land to begin growing food for our community. They learned about agriculture, including seeds, germination, horticulture and best practices. Inherent in this learning is the Jewish responsibility to be guardians of the earth, otherwise known as the mitzvah of shomrei adamah. The more we appreciate the gifts of our planet, the more benefit we can derive from these gifts.

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